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A public school is not an appropriate place to post these. Though you violate no laws it is important to keep publicly funded schools a safe and secular place for all students to attend. I personally do not appreciate being bombarded with religious messages while trying to pee. In class it is hard enough to block out things you don't want to hear but a bathroom should be a place of peace and solitude for one's thoughts. I feel like you don't take into consideration many other students' feelings.

Anon, I’m sorry that you don’t appreciate our Notes of Hope.
Most people don’t find peace in the bathroom because the stall walls in our restrooms are coated in writing about getting wasted, slandering another student, hateful words towards faculty, and we’ve even seen people write out their thoughts of self-harm and suicide. Do you find that peaceful? Do you feel at peace when you see writing like that on the stalls while you are using the restroom?
We take everyone’s thoughts into consideration. Not all of the notes are about God. Actually, a lot of them are just positive quotes. A lot of students complain about seeing all of those nasty things on the bathrooms stalls so we’re trying our best to make the men and women’s bathrooms a more positive place so that you and many other students will have a more positive day :)

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We'll be praying for Elijah (: Thank you for submitting a request to us! God bless you♥

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