Blogs we get our quotes from:

How YOU can get started:

All you’re gonna need is:

  • Sticky notes, and tons of them! The best place to get them is Target. We found them cheaper there and they come in a variety of colors. You can also find them at dollar stores.
  • Tape!Double-sided tape is the most convenient. Sticky notes don’t stick too well on their own so a little extra tape is definitely necessary!
  • Markers!(preferably permenant markers because washable ones will run if they get wet) the more colors the better! We don’t like being too elaborate with our sticky notes, but when we are we use tons of colors to draw more attention (:
  • Quotes. You can just Google these or if you have an Android/iPod you can get a daily bible verse application or use your Bible. Notebooks of old sermon notes are the best source. Especially if you don’t have access to any of the previously mentioned options.
  • Friends you can trust are crucial. Unfortunatley there are people who are not going to agree with this idea so they’re going to tear these down. This is where your friends come in. They can assist you in posting more sticky notes up when the others are coming down. The more the merrier (:

How we got started:

In January of 2012 we asked God for a better way to evangelize in our school because whenever we’d approach people about the topic of Christianity we’d get shunned immediately. God provided us with an idea using sticky notes. Ever since then we’ve been using quotes from other blogs, old sermon notes, and Christian websites and putting them on sticky notes and posting them all over our campus! In this blog you’ll see a ton of photos of our sticky notes and where we put them, links to the blogs and sites we get our quotes from, and all kinds of ideas and projects that we’ve done with these stickies (: